Review Date: 05/16/2008

Green Lantern Corps Vol 2 #22
Eddie Berganza: Editor
Adam Schlagman: Editor
Rodolfo Migliari: Cover Artist
Sterling Gates: Writer
Nelson DeCastro: Penciler, Inker
Derek Fridolfs: Inker
Rob Hunter: Inker
Guy Major: Colourist
Steve Wands: Letterer
If Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are considered the A-List of the traditional DC superhero line-up, then Green Lantern certainly isn't very far behind on any DC fan's A-minus list. Part of the fun of being a Green Lantern fan is emersing oneself in the complex, character-rich universe that exists in the Green Lantern comic runs.

The original silver-age Green Lantern run not only gave us superhero/test pilot Hal Jordan and his otherworldly power ring, but an entire universe of Green Lanterns, each of whom polices a sector of the known galaxies as an intergalactic police force on behalf of the Guardians of OA. Classic 1960's Green Lantern artist/writer Gil Kane created a very strong core group of alien Green Lanterns, who were comfortably and enjoyably interwoven into the various Green Lantern tales of the 1960's through the 1980's.

I hadn't read a new Green Lantern comic since the early 1990's and was intrigued to see recently on the That's Entertainment shelves Green Lantern Corps #22 alongside the current Green Lantern comic run, so I thought I'd give it a read to see how DC is keeping up in the year 2008 with the intergalactic Green Lantern Corps concept.

I didn't know what to expect, and was pleasantly surprised to find a modernization of the concept that reflects today's American society more than the DC classic tradition. Issue #22 is the second half of a two-story arc writen by Sterling and Gates, and drawn by Nelson, Derek Friddles and Rob Hunter. Art and story were entertaining as is, but what I really enjoyed was the 2008 version of Green Lantern Corps.

In the past, the Corps was a male company, with one token intergalactic "girl" allowed to be in the ranks. The Corps is now more reflective of the American workforce and populated with a more normal ratio of women. This story arc particularly focuses on a wide range of women in the Corps, including two sisters, one of whom is sent by the Guardians to corral-in her sister who all believe has gone renegade on the Corps. Lots of fun action, involvement by Earth Green Lantern Hal Jordan and a satisfying judgement by the Guardians of OA at the end of the story trying to resolve the question of when its o.k. to go renegade on a just cause in the pursuit of an alternate justifiable reason.

Although I greatly enjoyed my spot read of Green Lantern Corps #22, it is the second and as such concluding issue of a two-issue story arc. As such, for the reader I'd recommend either backtracking to issue #21 first, or just picking up issue #23 which begins a fresh story arc.
A final thought: with Marvel finally hitting the screen this summer with an Iron Man movie, perhaps its time for DC to finally reach down into its vault and give Green Lantern (and his supporting intergalactic GL Corps, of course!) a big screen shot. What Hollywood star do you think should be cast for the role of Hal Jordan/Green Lantern? Call me crazy, but for some reason Brad Pitt comes to mind for me. E-mail me at the That's Entertainment webpage and let me know who you think would be the most appropiate cinema Green Lantern and I'll publish the suggestions in an upcoming review posting. We'll then forward the entire list to DC and see if we get a response!

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